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Kirk and Kim just get it. They get how hard it is to struggle with chronic illness, and kids, and work – all at the same time. They get how all you want to do is find peace and joy and level up in your life. They’ve gone through it, and now they are here to help you surpass your greatest expectations. 

Kirk and Kim are very multi-passionate, with a deep love for family, natural health, and other fun things like photography, video, digital media, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. Their first experience as business owners was with KM Media Studios, a photography and video studio. Their first in-depth online course was a beginner’s photography course called Now What?! Photography, that helps strengthen families through capturing memories in an artistic way. They have taught classes on multiple areas of health for years and desire to impact even more people by giving them a better understanding of how to feel good again. Perfect Natural Solutions has been an intense lifework of Kirk and Kim, from 8 years of study and writing, that you now get to enjoy.


After Kim found out about her autoimmune disease during her second pregnancy, she was introduced to essential oils for the first time. As the naturally curious researcher she is, she went on a journey filled with countless hours of research and educational courses over many years to fully delve into understanding holistic health. As Kirk and Kim have studied natural remedies and holistic care together, it has become clear how passionate they are about teaching these insights to others through classes, speaking opportunities, and their books. They love bringing hope and light into the dark world of chronic illness and frantic parenting drama. 

The with Kirk and Kim online community was founded to offer extra support and online courses. You can also find Kirk and Kim on multiple social media platforms and YouTube. All that Kirk and Kim teach revolves around strengthening the family through learning new skills. 


Kim’s inquisitive mind and perfectionistic desire to research show in all she gives through her courses. Combined with Kirk’s creative, fun, and understanding personality, the courses offered with Kirk and Kim are entertaining and detail-oriented learning experiences.

While continuing to run the photography business, Kirk has also been a high school teacher of photography, video, broadcast, photo editing, and drawing over the course of his career. In his small amount of free time, Kirk likes to play drums, play fetch with the Goldendoodle, and fly his professional stunt kite. While Kirk is teaching at school, Kim is teaching their four amazing kids at home. She finds great joy in helping her kids learn and overcome their educational hurdles. In her free time, Kim loves to research, but to decompress she enjoys new projects, crafts, or a movie night. Kim is working toward certifications in homeopathy, master herbalism, aromatherapy, and acutonics.


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