YOU Have The Power to Heal YOU!

YOU have the power to heal YOU!

Understanding how your body heals is very important. Whether using natural health "cures" or using a pharmaceutical drug created in a lab and prescribed by a doctor, the remedies you use are never what actually cure you of your ailment. 

Yes, that's what I said: Nothing outside of YOU can ever CURE you!

The human body is incredible. Your body has built-in defense mechanisms and fighting capabilities to recover from almost anything that comes its way.  However, sometimes your body needs a little kick-start from an outside source. This is why natural remedies that have medicinal properties are so nice, like homeopathy, herbal tinctures, and essential oils. Some of these natural remedies have therapeutic properties that help your cells start functioning better and can even kill off some of the bacteria or viral infections for you while your body kicks in for the full recovery.

When people resort to pharmaceutical care, they are trying to do the same thing as people who turn to natural care. They are using outside help in an effort to get rid of an ailment through medicinal therapeutic properties. The difference here is that the pharmaceuticals might get rid of the symptoms you see on the surface but can have effects that are potentially damaging to your future health. For example, antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria that your body needs. Taking an antibiotic may rid you of the symptoms from an infection of bad bacteria, but it can also kill off the good bacteria (probiotics) in your gut that help your digestion run effectively!

Probiotics are such a profound idea because most people have only a negative view of bacteria. The truth of the matter is that your body desperately needs it. The good bacteria help your immune system, along with a lot of other systems in your body, run up to par. As you can see, fixing an infection by simply getting rid of all your bacteria might not always be the best option.

I am not saying that using pharmaceuticals is always bad. I look to natural remedies as a "first line of defense" but if that isn't working, of course, I will go to the doctor and consider other options.

I truly believe that we are all children of a living God. That is an amazing thing! He wants us all to succeed and be happy. He put us on this Earth and He created everything here for our use. The plants and animals; everything!

The fact that the Earth is covered in herbs that can help the human body kick into gear is not a scam or a fluke, it is the way God designed them, and He doesn't make mistakes.  When you take a chemically-derived pharmaceutical it may only contain one element of healing. One that some scientist isolated in a lab.  That is not the way God intended nature to be used for healing. 

So much healing power can be found in the combinations of constituents within plants. Much is still unknown about why certain properties are combined, so when only certain aspects of therapeutic agents are isolated in pharmaceuticals, there can be many unwanted side effects. When you use a natural remedy that has not been chemically altered, such as pure essential oils and herbs, healing can occur more quickly and fully, and with fewer side effects.

YOU have the power to heal YOU. Ultimately you are in charge, and you are in control of the health of you and your family. The choices you make every day can help you stay healthy. When you get an ailment, you can use the powerful options God created for you (like herbs, oils, etc.), to kick-start your body back into gear, so that YOU will heal YOU! I am obviously partial to the natural alternatives because I've seen them work with my own eyes and read a lot of research from scientific studies. However, no matter what you take, natural or not, nothing will ever ultimately cure you besides simply and wonderfully you.


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