Budget Bootcamp Review | with Kirk and Kim

Finances play a HUGE role in everyone's mental health, so we love talking about this role! In an effort to upgrade our own clarity in our finances, we jumped head first into Budget Bootcamp by Jordan Page. I have to tell you, it created a BIG shift in the way we look at and manage our money. We loved this course! It is meant to take a month, but knowing us we couldn't take that long, so we finished it in only a week! Kirk and I watched the short video lessons together and had a blast jumping into her activities that solidify each new idea.

We have also found other books and courses that have been a big help in our money mindset journey, and we will hit on those in other posts, but we wanted to share this first because it is at the top of our list. If you want to check this course out for yourself head over to www.budgetbootcamp.com. Check back here shortly for a special link we are going to get you that will give you 10% off too!


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